2c + 3c Reading Night @ Georg-Bilgeri-Straße

Everything was prepared for the big night!

The stations and rooms were ready and waiting:

And at 5pm, the children arrived…

…with their big luggage:

The teachers had selected 8 very reliable team leaders…

…who started with their first hard task of picking their teams:

It wasn’t always easy accepting the team the children were picked for, but our great team leaders did a great job of making everyone feel welcome!

Next: pizza picknick!

„Ms Karin, is this your seaweed pizza ?“ 😊

Assembly in the room was next: introduction of the „Book of the Night“, „Freunde“ by Helme Heine:

The song for this evening: „You‘ve Got A Friend In Me“.

Then we started working at the different stations:

Amazing results of our young artists were presented…

…before we got the rooms – and ourselves – ready for the night:

Lights out – but some children kept reading and reading and reading…

The morning brought a luxury breakfast, all prepared and set up by our parents:

And even the Easter bunny must have been in our field during the night…

Dear children, you were brilliant and lots of fun! 😊😊😊
Dear parents, thank you for your trust! And for the unbelievable breakfast you set up for us in the morning! It would have been enough to feed the whole school…😉
Another big thank you to our great caretaker Günther here @ Georg-Bilgeri-Straße, who made us feel very welcome – “Wenn es euch gut geht, geht’s mir auch gut.” – and looked after us in such a great way! 😊