England Trip – Day 7

Today was the day that many of the children had been waiting for the most: Big Sheep! 🐑

After breakfast, we took a beautiful path along the seaside and over the rolling hills to get there. It took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The first thing we did, was watch the Sheep Show, which told a little about the different kinds of sheep.

Then they looked around and we watched the Duck Trials. This is where a dog moved ducks in command.

After that, we went and had chips for lunch and some children fed the lambs.

The sheep shearing was next, followed by slide pictures and ice-cream.

The children then had time to go off on their own and finish spending their pocket money. During this time, some of the children even got to see a lamb being born… how special.

Our trip ended with the sheep race, and one of our children bet on the winning sheep.

Back at home, we started packing and journaling. We are all looking forward to being home tomorrow and can’t wait to see you! Sleep well, one last time without us!